Three Piece Suite


The work I have created for 3 Piece Suite centres on Lake Eyre. A place I have never been but holds a mystical place in my heart. It is the place that draws the water from where I now live in Queensland, all the way down our huge nation to rest in a temporary sea. To me, it symbolises my continuing connection with South Australia. I may be in Queensland but slowly I feel the power of the pull back to SA.

Combining textiles and mixed media I explore the journey back to this inland sea. How it explodes into life when the water comes and then settles back into a salty slumber. Harsh when dry, stunningly beautiful when wet – a land of transformation and change.

Flowing Water

Thoughts flow ahead of the emotions giving life to fertile ground. Flowing water depicts the scene of flying along the Channel Country, chasing the water as it flows down the nation. In contrast to the typical landscape that has water at the bottom, the water when you fly along the channel Country is ahead of you, giving the impression it is above. But Flowing Water also represents how my thoughts often flow home. Born and raised in South Australia, my thoughts return there often.

Living Water

The flow of water down the nation brings with it an explosion of life. It’s vibrant, intense and ephemeral. Like homesickness, the life around Lake Eyre appears and disappears with the presence of a catalyst – in this case water, lots of water. Living Water celebrates this event, even though there will be pain and suffering at the end of the cycle, one knows it will pass and then bloom again in the future. So it is with memories of home.

Still Water

Lastly the water seeps below the surface of the Lake. Cracks open up as it dries creating a hard crust with a sparkling, salty surface.  Time passes, memories of the places of our past are locked in hard, shining brightly. But there are gaps in the memories, gaps we don’t become aware of until we return to the place again.

Flowing Water, Acrylic on Lutradur, 30 x 80cm

Living Water, Acrylic on Lutradur, 140 x 80cm

Still Water, Acrylic on Lutradur, 70 x 70 x 10cm