Six Over One

Circled Grain.jpgcopperwaves2.jpgentwined_stone_spietsch.jpgflowing_copper_susanpietsch.jpgreflection pool.jpgwater_over_woodv2_spietsch.jpg

Six over One was a group exhibition by Decifemme, a group of 10 women in Adelaide in 2008. The idea was to take a photograph and make six interpretations of the image.

Artist Statement:

My work in Six over One has its starting point in the image of a public artwork from Christchurch in New Zealand. The essence of water captured in metal around the base of a tree attracted me for a variety of reasons: the play of natural and man made materials; the layering of the elements of stone, wood and metal; lastly the reference to movement. Each work in this series seeks to explore one or several of these themes- layering, movement and the interplay of materials.

Deeper within the works is a window on how I view the world. Each work presents a different way of seeing, interpreting the original image through my eyes. Just as my shadow falls across the original image, my choices of filtering, focusing, defining, removing, adding is present in each piece. There is no ‘objective’ image of the place, only one layered with the meaning of the interpreter, in this case, myself.

Working primarily with textiles, the themes are explored through stitch, mixed media and image. Traditional hand and machine techniques as well as digital means are employed in the creation of this series.