Nature As Designer


My work in “Nature as Designer 2” centres on the theme of change. Having moved 2000kms two years ago, change has been foremost in my life. Looking at nature, one also sees that the only constant is change. Change that is slow as expressed in “One   Place, One Time”, or change that is immediate and devastating as explored “Regeneration”.

The pace of the piece, “One Place, One Time” is much slower than the other explorations of change. The ripples of time move gently through the image reminding us that what appears to be eternal is in fact changing before our eyes. That which is closest (today) appears more vivid and bright compared to those that are further away (our yesterdays).

The piece, “Regeneration”, expresses what happens when the fabric of our lives are torn; whether it be by choice, such as a move interstate or by force, such as a natural disaster. We take what is precious to us, wrap it around what remains and weave it back into our lives after the event. From this we regenerate.

The piece, “Void of Change”, explores the emotional turmoil of change. Our lives whirl around, adapting and dealing with change (or appearing to) but when they are cut open and laid bare there is but a hollow core – a void waiting to be filled. This void can only be filled when the time is right, despite the strong desire for it to happen soon. Both exciting and frightening, change brings up a range of emotions.

The bushland of Brisbane provided much the inspiration for the form and colours of the pieces in this series. Textiles are the basis of the materials used, along with stitch, mixed media and digital images. Traditional hand and machine techniques are employed as well as embedded wire to support the sculptural elements.

“One place, One time”, 60cm x 60cm H, mixed media, 2010

“Regeneration”, private collection, 2010

“Void of Change”, private collection, 2010