Individual Exhibition Pieces

As part of group exhibitions I often produce a singular piece. This gallery is a collection of those singular pieces.


“The Path”, 40cm x 65cm, Acrylic on lutradur
Artist Statement:

“Prepare the way for the Lord, make straight paths for him” Matthew 3:3b. So as good church folk do, we formed a committee and a corresponding working party was enlisted. All was well until we reached the river. Debate erupted – what material to use, which direction to head? People started forming sub-committees…the committee of large rocks, the committee of small stones only, the committee of we know better. Before long the path was finished. It was neither straight nor smooth but it did get us to the other side – if we didn’t take a wrong step and slip off. It was the best that we could do, given we had left the Lord behind while building it.

Narrative is at the heart of my work and it is from the above narrative this work is created. It reflects the frustration I feel dealing with religion. So much good intention that gets twisted, the good news obscured. Yet despite this messiness, religion still seems to stubble along. Sadly there are people who fall along the way and do not get back on the path. Their “wet feet” are enough to turn them away.

From working primarily with stitched textiles in the past, this work marks a change to hand painted layered textiles. The lacelike cut of the first piece provides the structure to the acrylic painting underneath. I still have the possibility to stitch but have chosen not to use it on this occasion.

“Into eternity she passes”, 60cm x 60cm, Mixed media
Artist statement:

“Into eternity she passes” represents the decaying of not only the material body of the Guyundah but also the memories and meanings that we tag her with. As time passes these immaterial dimensions of the ship’s story disappear from our recollections along with her rusty carcass. The pride of the Navy no more, the Guyundah serves out her last days in solitude.

My work comes as a response to a deep immersion in the world of built form, architecture and landscape. What interests me is how we play with physical space – envelope it, adorn it, divide it and label it. In the case of the Guyundah, a place has been created using the physical body of the ship as adornment.

Working primarily with textiles, I have looked at not only what is there in the physical reality, but also at what is invisible; the associations that surround this particular place. The work “Into eternity she passes” acknowledges that as the body of the ship slowly disintegrates into the sea, so do all the meanings and memories that she carried pass. A once proud flagship of the Navy now sits in solitude, serving her community until the last of her hull disappears from view and memory.