Exhibition: Landscape of Thought

Life, landscape, we move through both. As you move through this collection of paintings consider for a moment life, your life. What are the things you have been told? What are the things you have discovered? What things remain hidden? I have often gone into nature to get a “change” of environment, seeking in truth a change of mind. Seeking more…



The work I have created for Place-Meant centres on Lake Eyre. It is the place that draws the water from where I now live in Queensland, all the way down our huge nation to rest in the state of my birth, South Australia. The water becomes a symbol for my memories.

Exhibition: Nature As Designer 2

Nature is a wonderful source of inspiration. This 2010 group exhibition with the Textile Art Group was held in New Farm, Brisbane.


Exhibition: 3 Piece Suite

Three as a number in our society has many connotations, whether unlucky or lucky as the phrase “things come in threes” encapsulates. This exhibition sets the challenge to the artist of creating 3 pieces of related work in three different forms. One form is to be a wall hanging, the second a 3D vessel or object while the third is left to the artist’s creativity. Each artist has selected their own theme within this framework to explore an area that in some way has touched their lives. A Group exhibition held in 2012 with the Reddy Arts Textile Group.


Exhibition: The Dress

The Dress is a universal theme and links our existence as humans to our everyday experiences, both past and present. We each have a desire to explore our own personal response to this theme. “The Dress”, has presented us with a diverse range of inspiration. Each participant has chosen a very different approach to the title and has responded to it in a very individual way.The theme unites us as individual artists, as artists who have worked in similar fields and as a response to our own personal experiences. This group exhibition was held in 2012 and this gallery contains my works from it.


Circled Grain.jpg

Exhibition: Six Over One

A Group Exhibition with Decifemme, Adelaide Australia in 2008