The Story behind…Something in the Nothing


“Something in the Nothing – Wet”  (top)

“Something in the Nothing – Dry” (bottom)

By Susan Pietsch
Mixed Media on canvas,  each piece is 76 x 25 x 10cm
FOR SALE – $200 each, freight at cost.

The story behind the piece…

Travelling through the outback can bring long stretches of similar landscape without much relief. These periods are endured in order to reach something… Something that makes hours of bare plains worth the price. We take these “somethings” and stitch them together to make memories of a life.

 Much like in life – stretches of “nothing time” – that we barely remember but the calendar shows us has past. It’s May – do you remember what you were doing on this date back in February? It’s likely that you will remember the somethings… gatherings, embarrassments, fragments. The “somethings” in between the long stretches of nothing.



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