The story behind the piece… Aspects Of Landscape 1

As narrative is an important part of my work I’m going to share with you with stories behind the pieces from my latest exhibition “The Landscape of Thought”


“Aspects of Landscape 1”

By Susan Pietsch

 Acrylic on canvas, 110 x 80cm, now in a private collection

 The story behind the piece…


We visit all kinds of places in our travels, bringing with us our own language born out of a different place. We apply this foreign language over each new place we encounter without allowing the native language of the place to speak. Without stopping to listen, to take in the place both close up and at large.

When I view a landscape, I take it in, in parts. There may be a memory of an overview but also those parts that I focused on: rocks, pools, sky. Overlaid onto this landscape is the language I use to describe it. It doesn’t come from the landscape I’m viewing but from places of my past. Sometimes the language meshes and intertwines with the landscape, other times it’s incomprehensible and makes no sense in relation to what it’s trying to describe. But each time I visit a place this language of landscape expands and grows richer, allowing me to make more sense of what I’m experiencing.

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